DEK Superstars

Dek Superstars state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a top-notch rink and a high-quality playing surface that will take your game to the next level.

Rulebook Appendix

Official Rule book aligned with the international street & ball hockey federation

Appendix 1

Rule 9: 

Only 2 Coaches are permitted to occupy the bench for 8-10 and up.  For 4-6 max 4, one parent volunteer may occupy the penalty box to assist with the doors.

Rule 13:

The Four Divisions currently supported in game play programing are aged based as follows:

  • Chipmunks 4-6 yrs. old
  • Penguin 7-9 yrs. old
  • Beaver 10-12 yrs. old
  • Cadet 13-15 yrs. old
  • Freshman 16-18 yrs. old

Appendix 2

Rule 14:
A). The Number of teams are to be determined on enrollment. The numbers of players on each team will not exceed 16 and will be a minimum of 11 players per rostered team.

B). Goaltenders can swap out if required due to injury or for safety reasons, no warmups at the time exchange will be allotted.

C). A minimum of 8 players (5 runners and 1 goalie) plus 2 substitutes for the runners, is required to start the game. Unless there is an agreed condition to 4 on 4 , which should be finalized prior to game start. Under extreme heat conditions the rules for minimum number of players are non-negotiable while taking player safety into consideration.

Appendix 3

Rule 15:
Captains are not issued and special provisions or privileges here at DEKSuperstars.

Appendix 4

Rule 16:
F). does not apply to our format. No penalty shot issued. Referees have the discretion to issue bench minor penalties if line changes deliberately cause loss ofbplaying time due to loss of opportunity, (due run time period formats)

Appendix 5

Rule 19:
Footwear when lost or accidentally removed while game is underway must be replaced at the time the shoe is lost. No time outs / stoppage of play will be issued to correct this. If a player is unable to replace his footwear, he/she must leave the rink surface and return to the bench. It is illegal to play without footwear. Both feet must be covered. Regardless of the opportunity or situation, offensive or defensive positioning, the ref at his discretion can blow the whistle to stop play, the ref can call a delay of game penalty if the player is warned or given to the option to replace his/her shoe and refuses. If a goal is scored while the player who refuses to leave scores a goal the goal will be nullified.

Appendix 6

Rule 21:
Only HECC approved helmets are to be used in all Youth League games.

Appendix 7

Rule 29, 30, 31:
– Not Applicable

Appendix 8

Rule 32
B) when a goalie deliberately shoots the ball out of play, a minor penalty be issued. It is at a referee’s discretion if a minor penalty is issued for a forward or defensive player since our format is run time, we bring a new ball into play and continue the face off based on the point of where the ball exited. Location of the face off determines and who touched it last.

Appendix 9

Rule 44
Floating Blue Line is only Played in our Elevated Diamond Division or Futures 1 or Higher.  CADETS Only Play Floating Blue Line.  Each season we will review teams on the level of play based on team strength.

FUTURES 2 or 3 in Penguin or Beaver divisions.  These divisional games utilize the RED Line as the Offsides demarcation.  Teams playing in these divisional games should understand and differentiate offsides from floating Blue Line.

Chipmunks divisions will only play Center line red line offsides.

Appendix 10

Rule 47
Regular season OT is 1, 5-minute run time, 3 on 3, no shoot out. Game remains a tied with no goals.

Quarter Final or Semi Final playoffs is progressive 5 min OTs.  5 on 5, 4 on 4, 3 on 3, if no resulting goals teams will enter a 5-man shootout.

Championship Finals, OT will be 1 Full Period 15 min run time, Followed by a 10 min Run Time period , followed by a shootout.

Appendix 11

Rule 48
A) addendum time out is altered to 45 seconds time out

Appendix 12

Rule 48
A) is 45 seconds.

Appendix 13

Rule 49
A) 45 seconds including 1:45 sec Time out in OT.

Appendix 14

Weather conditions

  1. The league commissioner will decide if games can be played due to weather Once a game begins only the league commissioner, or referee have the authority to suspend, stop, or postpone the game for weather or safety.
  2. If a game is suspended due to darkness, safety, or inclement weather, the game will be considered concluded, if 2 full periods were completed before the suspension.
  3. Suspended or postponed games (games with less than 2 completed periods) will resume on an agreed upon date and time starting from the time the stoppage occurred, with the same score, it will play from that point its
  4. At any time during a game or practice, if lightning is observed, the game/practice will end See above c.
  5. Games may be played in light rain (safety permitting) but not in heavy rain or
  6. In order to minimize cold weather injuries and prevent frostbite on our players, the following restrictions are established:
  • No practices or games will be played when the ambient air temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (Any wind condition).
  • No practices or games will be played when the Wild Chill Factor or real feel is at or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Appendix 15

Physical Abuse or Threats to Officials

DEK Superstars and the NCPAL adhere to a “zero tolerance” policy concerning physical abuse towards game officials and any perceived threat towards game officials. Referees will enforce these rules with strict and immediate compliance.

Players, coaches, parents, and spectators may be assessed match penalties, game misconducts, game suspensions and additional appropriate penalties for violation of these rules.

A match penalty plus an automatic three (3) games suspension will be assessed any player, coach, parent, or spectator who initiates or is involved in physical abuse with another player, coach, or game official. The referee may, if deemed appropriate, suspend the game and declare a forfeit in favor of the non-offending team.

If a second offense occurs, the game will immediately be declared a forfeit in favor of the non-offending team.

A match penalty shall be assessed any player who:

  • Leaves the player’s bench or penalty box during an altercation.
  • Goes to the opposing team’s bench or penalty box to create a disturbance or engage in any physical or verbal abuse.

Any individual who violates the physical abuse rule(s) will meet a Disciplinary Committee for review of the incident and possible further disciplinary actions.

Parent or Spectator Verbal Abuse No Foul Language

  • 1st Offense — the parent or spectator and the associated coach will give a one time “team warning”. Coaches will speak to all parents on the sidelines.
  • 2nd Offense — Minor Penalty served by the offending parent’s child. The coaches will be given their last “team warning.”
  • 3rd Offense — Match Penalty will be assessed the Head Coach, parent, or spectator.
  • 4th Offense — The game will be declared a forfeit with the non-offending team being declared the winner.

Parent or Spectator Verbal Abuse — With Foul Language

  • 1st Offense – Match Penalty to the offending coach, parent, or spectator. If the individual does not leave, the game will be declared a forfeit with the non-offending team being declared the winner.
  • 2nd Offense- If another coach, parent, or spectator from the same team uses foul language, the game will immediately be declared a forfeit with the non-offending team being declared the winner

Player Verbal Abuse — No Foul Language

  • 1st Offense- Minor Penalty and a warning to the Head Coach.
  • 2nd Offense (same player)- Match Penalty. 2nd Offense (different player)- Minor Penalty and a 2nd warning to the Head Coach.
  • 3rd Offense (any player)- Match Penalty.
  • 4th Offense (any player)- The game will immediately be declared a forfeit with the non-offending team being declared the winner.

Player Verbal Abuse — With Foul Language

1st Offense- Match Penalty.

2nd Offense- Match Penalty and the game will immediately be declared a forfeit with the non-offending team being declared the winner.

NOTE: If the referee is unable to identify the person responsible for the use of foul language the rules for a Bench Minor Penalty will be used to identify the player who will serve the penalty.

Ncpal Chipmunk Division 4-6 Year Olds


  • Games Saturday AM 9am and 10am, Occasional Wednesday 5pm and 6pm, Minimal Sundays
  • Shorter rink, modified by bumpers. Only a thin Red Line segments the rink Halves. It will only be used for faceoff location (center ice) and determining the offsides rule. No Icing is called; coaches instruct your team to avoid dumping the puck.
  • Penalties and full compliments to instruct the players what they have done are being called.  It is the only time the clock will stop.
  • 3 periods played 16 minutes, run time. The buzzer will buzz players on and off the rink every two minutes. Faceoffs will go to Center Ice.
  • 1 coach is allowed on the rink during a game. Follow and direct with verbal cues on the rink surface to assist their players, lining up, etc.
  • 2 or 3 more coaches are allowed to man the bench and penalty box. We have some teams with 15-16 kids on a team. Please have some parent volunteers help out!
  • We will play 5 on 5. If there are shortages, coaches may reduce the number of players on the rink based on need. If one team has 15 players and the other has 5, we will deem the game a forfeit, and the time used is up to the coaches to choose and/or make the best of the situation. Please realize we want coaches to instruct us for fair play and sportsmanship.
  • NO OT, the game will end in a tie. No shootouts.
  • Goalies, we cannot stress how being unprepared delays the games; we have smaller pads and some equipment to loan. We do not have 4 sets of everything to accommodate varying sizes. We suggest everyone has a plan for their goalie, as they should be rotated through the games. We do not have predefined goalies assigned here. If you have a child who wants to play consistently, that’s one thing, but there should be some rotation. Loaner equipment will need to be returned to the shop. Please remember not to leave the property with the items you’ve borrowed.
  • Practice times are suggested and scheduled through us on a first-come, first-serve basis. We accommodate meeting on a half sheet of rink. We’ve noticed some chipmunk teams practicing cross-rink to avoid chasing the balls too much.
  • Parents lets encourage the growth of the game.  This must be fun for them!