Dek Superstars Chosen as a NY Host for NBHL Adult League Play 2024,

Press ReleaseNovember 8, 2023

Representing Long Island in Tier 3 Division

Massapequa, New York – November 6, 2023 – Dek Superstars is proud to announce that it has been selected as the official host for the National Ball Hockey League (NBHL) Adult League Play 2024, representing Long Island in the Tier 3 division. This prestigious designation places Dek Superstars at the forefront of ball hockey in the United States, with recognition from the NHL network.

The NBHL is the first nationwide ball hockey league in the United States, known for its commitment to promoting the sport and providing players of all skill levels with the opportunity to compete. Dek Superstars’ selection as the host for the Tier 3 division is a testament to the team’s dedication to ball hockey and its outstanding reputation within the community.

The NBHL, sanctioned by USA Ball Hockey, divides its league into various divisions and tiers based on location and skillset. The Tier 3 division, in which Dek Superstars will represent Long Island, offers an exciting platform for players to showcase their talents.

The league’s regular season begins in April and concludes with playoffs by mid-August. Qualifying teams from each division, including division champions and select runners-up, will converge in September for the Mylec Cup, the NBHL’s championship event. This tournament will determine the national champion for each tier of the NBHL, attracting over 30 teams from across the country.

Dek Superstars’ roster includes players of diverse skill levels, ranging from those new to the sport to experienced athletes with backgrounds in USA Ball Hockey and professional ice hockey. The NBHL provides professional experience for all its athletes, with weekly statistical graphics, highlight reels, full game content on YouTube, top plays of the week, and live streams at select divisions.

The NBHL has experienced tremendous growth since its inception, with the 2023 season featuring 165 teams, 27 divisions, and 3200+ players from 30+ states and Canada. This phenomenal growth underscores the league’s popularity and the enthusiasm of ball hockey players nationwide.

Dek Superstars invites fans, supporters, and ball hockey enthusiasts to follow the team’s journey as they represent Long Island in the Tier 3 division of the NBHL Adult League Play 2024.

Stay updated on our social media accounts for the latest news on this exciting season. For more information on the NBHL and how to get involved, please visit [].

About Dek Superstars: Dek Superstars is a premier ball hockey rink and sports-based programming venue based in Massapequa, New York, known for its commitment to promoting the sport with a strong presence in the community, Dek Superstars is proud to represent Long Island in the NBHL Adult League Play 2024.